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"Marin Point Zero Painting Support Group"
This group will be led by Michele in San Rafael.

It is designed to support the painting process by answering various questions that develop during painting practice, as well as to open and understand the feelings that unfold over time in order to keep inspiration going. The main purpose is to uncover the true spiritual potential of painting and explore who and what we are in the great mystery of life. The group is also aimed at forming a community of Painters.

Anyone interested can send an email entitled: "Michele Painting Support Group" and include in it: email, name, address, telephone and how long you have done the Point Zero painting, Painting Experience and if you are an active painter. Also add if you can be free one Saturday morning a month and if not which day could you possibly attend.

We will contact you whenever the group is ready to form and we have a schedule to offer.

Keep in mind that we are planning for a small group and places will be limited, but we will keep your name on a wait list.

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